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A Broken Promise
December 16, 2010, 5:30 pm
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You know, it’s funny – over on my work blog, I just kind of vowed not to speak too often about my daily eats. But now here I’m going to go ahead and do it. I kind of think there’s a deeper message hidden among this talk about rice:

I made some rice the other day. I wanted to have fried rice, and leftover rice is better for it, but I wanted it then, for dinner. So I made sort of a fake version of fried rice. Everything but the rice itself  – the veggies, egg, spices and sauces – was fried, and then I simply mixed it into the fresh-made rice, leaving a bunch of leftover plain rice for who-knows-what.

Then last night, I worked an event that didn’t have me home and ready to cook until nearly 10pm. I was too zonked to care, so I made what was one of the saddest meals I have in a long time – rice… with sauce. It kinda had me bummed out for the rest of the evening, and this morning too for that matter.

“I am the type of person who eats rice with sauce because she can’t be bothered” I thought.

“My usual simple meals were not simple enough. I’m pathetic. Get it together.” Not to say I don’t need to get it together a bit these days, but really, this was a low low.

This morning as I moped around figuring out breakfast, what did I see but… the last of that pot of plain rice. So I found a recipe for rice pudding. It seemed sort of luxurious, a treat, but it has eggs and milk and is warm and cozy for a cold morning and I had the few ingredients necessary on hand. You could sort of pretend it’s healthy.

Well, the rice pudding came out beautifully, it felt on the other end of the spectrum from the night before’s dinner. It made me feel like a real person again. That deeper message I mentioned above? I think it’s simply that you can make something fulfilling out of nothing – it just takes the tiniest bit of effort. And that even when you feel like you have nothing, there is likely a way to turn the situation on its head, if only in your head, and give yourself a new perspective.


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