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A Problem Solved
December 20, 2010, 1:24 pm
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I cannot tell you how long I’ve carried around these pieces of clothing that needed mending or altering and seemed like a burden I could not escape from. I tried my hardest to tell myself I should just get rid of them, but their value seemed too great. I tried to get myself to take them to be fixed for so long, but I was constantly changing my mind about what needed changing, or if it was worth the money, or if I trusted the seamstress I had chosen.

It was a problem that I made for myself. I’ve been trying to simplify, to have things set and clean and more minimal, so that I can breath easy and do things. Stuff was weighing me down at a certain point. Especially after a move at least every year and a half for the past…. ten years? So I’ve been whittling my belongings down more and more. It feels good.

But what feels really good? Finally taking care of some of those problem pieces that have followed me around. A few pieces to a tailor here, a quick job with my needle and thread there, and suddenly things are in order. I’ve also epoxied a table together that has sat broken in half for months, and hung curtains that have sat folded in their packaging waiting for I-don’t-know-what for months.



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