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A List of Goals
January 2, 2011, 4:33 am
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Last I talked about here, I was going on about the joy in getting something done, something that nagged at me. In order to continue with the idea of progress, I like the idea of goals for each year as opposed to resolutions. No thank you to swearing off this that or the other, aimlessly trying to make myself do something daily or weekly or what have you that I know I should. Instead, I prefer to make myself some lofty goals based on things I’ve been interested in – I want to make my life look like the fantasy that I create in my head. There’s no reason it shouldn’t look as close to that as possible!


So if I’m aching to write, I want to start working on a big project – why not write a book? I love the planning process behind this stuff, thinking out the necessary steps, pulling together supplies and thinking out initial ideas. Sometimes I think I actually get stuck there and don’t even bother with the smaller steps, and I guess that’s where a resolution is helpful in opposition to a goal. If I have a publisher in mind for a book and I know how many pages I want total and how much I have to write a day in order to finish in time, and the special ink I want to use on my book jacket, well that’s all fine and dandy but the resolution to write every day would actually get me closer to that goal than just the planning. And if I don’t write, then it doesn’t happen.

Well, I’m not always amazing at the follow-through. Sometimes I am. I set myself enough goals that I get part way there on some and that is better than nothing! But I’m kind of excited at the moment about where my life is, where my life has gone over the past year and a half, and I think building on that and shooting toward new goals will be easier than ever. I’ve figured out how to give myself the kick in the butt I need to move on something.

This year, here are some things I’d like to accomplish (no book writing for me):

Make all of the accessories and artworks that have been swimming around in my head – jewelry, purses, prints, printed fabrics, wall hangings, altered frames.

Spend time with my body – give it as much water as it needs, don’t eat meat if it’s not appealing, use the gym in the basement, go to yoga classes in the neighborhood, try meditating, and eat more sensible portions, just more often if need be.

Become more engaged with the city that I work so hard to be able to live in – go to events and monuments and parks and institutions, see the people I love, get out of the house.

All of these things really just take time. And it’s my opinion that I’d have more than enough time if I reduced my hours online. I want to make sure that I’m only reading the things I really care about, and that enrich my life. I shouldn’t sit around waiting for updates. I can always catch up. I need to occupy my time off of the screen, and make myself crave time to do and make the things that I want to in the same way that I currently crave being online, because a life lived staring at the screen won’t mean anything to me looking back.




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