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A Long Journey
January 9, 2011, 6:17 pm
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This city can sure be tiring. Even coordinating how to get from one promised meeting to the next, which makes sense to do first, how much you can realistically carry from one to another before you have to give up and cab it all back home only to head out again… Just the thinking and the mapping and the planning makes me yawn.

The next few days will be filled with too much schlepping, but it’s all in the name of Living in New York. I’ll have to handle it. And I can, because I’m a New Yorker. It’s what we do.

Yesterday on one such schlep, a crawling subway ride from deep in Brooklyn to Carnegie Hill (an hour and a half at least!), I heard a funny exchange between three teenagers. It’s these little snippets of life that make 20-something subway stops between two destinations a little bit tolerable. It was two dudes, one girl. One dude had slipped off into a headphone-induced meditation. The other chatted animatedly with the girl. She got more and more cozy with him, slinging her long legs over his at a certain point, casually, like she didn’t notice she had done it. They kept talking. Then, she said “Oh, hey, total change of topic. What’s up with that skin on male parts? You know. That extra skin?” The sudden mention of his member had made the talker suddenly stutter. He was lost for words. What was she asking exactly anyway? It was like verbal diarrhea on her part – her mind had gone there and she just wanted to talk about sex but didn’t think to make it smooth. She was already embarrassed, but nudged her friend with the headphones – he would know what she was talking about. “What was that you told me about, circumcision? What was the stuff called?” “Foreskin” “Right, foreskin…” And, the conversation was over. A new total change of topic. Ah the flirtations of youth.


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