We Are Friends of Gold

Used to Be
May 3, 2011, 9:43 pm
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It was my birthday not so long ago, and my mother brought me a box of mementos. Little things I never would have guessed still existed, they were from so long ago. Photos from photo booths, ticket stubs, letters from friends. I always find these things so funny, because it’s so easy to tell when you had ‘curated’ the small meaningless and meaningful collection. Based on who and what was important enough to make it into the box, it is like a portrait of who you were at that moment, when the box became full and you moved on. Forgot about it.

Grover Whalen and the Time Capsule - from NYPL

I was happy to get this box, especially so, not because anything in it was at all precious to me anymore – the value of the contents of the box would have added up to $.28 if I was lucky. But what it did was prompt me to reach out to a couple of the people who I’d been close to then – friends across the country who I hadn’t seen since we were awkward prepubescent children, trying to figure out who we were. I’ve become who I am, and I’ve seen who my friends have become thanks to the magic of Facebook, but it was entirely superficial. We hadn’t said so much as ‘hello’ to one another on there. So I sent an email, one written as though we’d just talked days before, one assuming the closeness we had had, and it was received so well! Everyone else cares just as much. A little effort is all that’s needed to find that out.


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