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Eat Your Greens
April 2, 2011, 4:39 am
Filed under: Food

Despite my attempts to be a domestic goddess, from time to time things get away from me, and I let them, and I end up without a clean dish in sight and a kitchen counter piled high with dirty ones waiting to be washed. Now is just such a time. I think I can keep it up for a few weeks, but then it just has to naturally ebb and flow. Maybe it makes me appreciate the cleaner days that much more?

Still, my inability to keep up with the dishes aside, I have been making some food lately that is worthy of note. In particular, I was proud of this little tart on puff pastry.

Had I made the pastry myself it would truly be awe-inspiring, but the packaged stuff is so good, so reliable, and much easier to work with than you’d expect. I once used it to make black bean, cheddar and banana empanadas that I was sure were going to turn out a terrible mess in the oven but instead were sweet little packages of interesting flavors melding together and the friends I was serving them to loved them. I also made a puff pastry wrapped baked brie with jam, which did become a mess, but it was a delicious mess that was devoured. This tart was just a late lunch for me and the man, and again, I was warning him the whole time I made it that we might have to go out for sandwiches in the end, but it came out nearly picture perfect! There was, what seemed like too much filling, but after seeing how well it all set in the oven, I wouldn’t be afraid to lump all of it on there next time. The cheese isn’t going anywhere. I also really want to experiment with using other vegetables and fillings.

Next on my cooking experimentation is adding this guy to my egg repertoire. I am, though, trying to get back into my health kick that I had going a few weeks ago, and all of this egg and cheese business doesn’t exactly help. But, so easy, and so subtly weird, which is exactly the kind of food I love.