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A Skip to My Step
January 8, 2011, 2:59 am
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I’m really just loving life these days. Once you start thinking this way, it’s just infectious, you start thinking this way more and more.

It took me a while to decide to love life. I went through the teen angst and melodrama that was normal, but sometimes I wonder if I was harder on myself than I needed to be, than even the angstiest of the angsty can be. At a certain point I started to ease up and let things happen, embrace cycles and processes, look to the good in situations, and decide to find joy just because I could.

I don’t want to be misleading – I was always kind of happy-go-lucky and easygoing. My mother said she could have raised 100 of me, she tells me that all the time, each time like it’s the first time. But there was this melancholy, I guess during the teen years, and I guess looking back on it from my current happy perch makes it look more dismal than it really was. But that is the truth, and that makes me even more grateful to be as happy today as I am.

Anyway, I feel a bit as though I had to learn to be happy. I was always optimistic, hopeful. But not necessarily happy. I kept the optimism, and the hopefulness helped me find sources that told me that Life is Good, and suddenly I could see that it’s a choice! And what a choice to make! Sometimes my heart just swells as I walk down a street with the sunshine smiling down between the buildings at just the right angle, or when I see someone being kind or a small child making a mess of themselves with something sweet, or when I hear the perfect song at just the perfect moment. It’s cheesy and cliche stuff, but it’s beautiful and there’s romance to it and I’ll take that over self-pity any day. When you see that the small things add up to make the bigger picture, anything seems possible because all it takes is a couple of parts to make a whole, and when you believe it with the core of your soul, those anythings-that-seem possible actually happen and suddenly your life is a musical.

This is all to say, as I started with, that I am just loving life! Love it! And there are few places where you can shout it out to the world without a cocked eyebrow or a pshaw or two. But this here is one place where if I don’t say it I feel like I’m holding back on you! So, enjoy.